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House Finch Identification

This is a quick break down of the marks to look for that seperate male House Finches from the similar in appearance male Purple and Cassin's Finches. House Finches are common backyard visitors and abundant throughout most of their range so familiarizing yourself with its variations and key marks can help answer the age old question of; House, Purple, or Cassin's? I also advise looking at range maps to see which is likely in your area as well as when.  1. Bill Shape - The ridge of the upper mandible (culmen) is notably curved on House Finches, giving the bill a slightly thicker stubby appearance. On Purples and Cassin's it is straight giving the bill a more conical look. 2. Streaking/Color - The color of a male House Finch is extremely variable in both coverage and hue, although typically average a lighter pinker red than Purple. Some males show very little red limited to the head and the very upper breast, while some more heavily colored males show a deep red that exte